“I hired Steve as my personal trainer in Mountain View, and have done about 15 hours so far, which have been worth every penny. This is the second time I am investing in personal training and the first experience, 3 years ago, was not good at all. Therefore, I was initially very skeptical. Steve is motivating but not pushy, enthusiastic but not obnoxious, personable yet professional, driven to provide results but quick to adjust to my personal needs. Steve has this nice blend of personal and professional skills that makes you want to push yourself further than you thought you ever could, yet without getting overboard. Steve understands that getting in shape is my goal but not my only goal in life. I have seen Steve train customers that were in poor to great physical condition and would highly recommend Steve to anyone, whatever the end goal is. I have been impressed by Steve’s academic knowledge around personal fitness, nutrition and human anatomy. What i got out of my personal training so far is a myriad of ways i can work out the same muscle groups without ever getting bored. If you are like me, an ipod can get you only so far in the rigorousness of your physical training. When that fails, talk to Steve!”

-Vincent Leveque



139 Herlong avenue,

san jose, ca

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“Stephen has been a complete life changer.  This may sound cliche but let me assure you, it is true.  I started out with little to no experience in the gym and knew I wanted to simply get bigger.  Being a 6ft tall, skinny 148 pound runner, all
I knew how to do was hop on the treadmill, run a little bit, and go home.  Steve flipped the experience in the gym upside down for me.  First day we took measurements and set some goals that i should reach in a month's time and also went over some dieting tips to increase my muscle mass.  He also gives you a detailed schedule or workouts so you can keep going while not in session.  We then immediately started the workout!  The workouts were targeted and comprehensive leaving me sore for weeks!  Why so sore?  Because Steve really pushes you to the limit!  He wants you to succeed and that is the first selling point with this guy.  He is not there just to make a buck but to truly help you reach your goals which i most definitely met.  In 2-3 months, i gained an inch of diameter in all of my measurements, lost almost 5% body fat and boosted from 148 pounds to 170 pounds!  Never in my life have i weighed more than 155 pounds!  Amazing progress in such a short amount of time! To summarize my experiences, I am truly thankful for Steve's time and attitude towards my goals.  I still run into Steve at the gym and he is always engaging and helpful with all of his clients.  He has gone above and beyond the call offering advice outside of sessions.  He also takes an interest in who you are as a person.  So how has he changed my life?  He helped me find new purpose to the point now where i am at the gym almost every day pushing harder and harder knowing that "I can do it".  I have more confidence walking around and receive compliments on my "guns".  Let me tell you, that is an awesome feeling when people notice a change and can comment on it.  If that is the sort of thing you are after, Stephen Ross is your guy!”

-Steven Juanes

“My experience with Steve has been outstanding. Just a few months ago, I weighed 215lbs, and now I’m down almost 30 pounds! I feel stronger and healthier than ever before, I have more energy throughout the day, and I’ve lost almost all the excess weight I gained through college. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, but without the right guidance and motivation, I never saw any results. Steve gave me easy to follow guidelines on how to eat right and make the foods I enjoy healthier for me. He prescribed a personalized workout plan to fit my busy schedule, and has kept meticulous records of all aspects of my fitness. He has been personally invested in my success, and keeps me on track to my goals, even on the days when I feel like giving up. If you’re looking for a trainer who will keep you motivated and healthy and push you to be the best you can be, there’s no one better that i could recommend. Thanks Steve!”

-Matt P.

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